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Lucky Braids Whitener/Dry Wash Spray makes cleaning quickeasy and nontoxic, while also enhancing the natural quality of your horse’s hair. This spray gently lifts stains, allowing you to effortlessly wipe coats, manes and tails clean.  No yellow shadow!  It doesn’t leave a slippery residue nor contain ingredients that damage and discolor hair, such as: bleach, detergents, nor petroleum derivatives such as mineral oil and silicone.

Great for any type of spot washing, including: old manure, urine and tack stains; quick ringside touch-ups; and cold weather cleaning.


Save on product use and time with Lucky Braids Whitener/Dry Wash. No stain is a match for this special formula.  It doesn’t only remove the stain, but also helps prevent the hair from attracting additional impurities. Once spray lifts the stain or dirt, hair stays cleaner longer by simply using Lucky Braids All-In-One Shampoo.

This product is unparalleled and with good reason. After grooming for top competitors in the world, Ruthann was inspired to raise the bar of care and horsemanship. Professionally braiding the manes and tails of 12,000+ horses, her livelihood depended on healthy hair and skin. As a result, she developed this system to solve and prevent, rather than manage, hair and skin problems.

You’ll get more than just a Whitener/Dry Wash. Ruthann shares expert grooming tips on packaging and online. Her mission is for everyone to access the best knowledge, in order for every horse to look and feel like a winner.

Lucky Braids Whitener/Dry Wash is completely free of:  Parabens, pabas, petroleum derivatives (mineral oil), phthalates, formaldehyde-based preservatives, artificial coloring and fragrance.

Instructions on the bottle will help you optimize use of this spray.  Fresh stains bead right up to be wiped off.  This formula may need time to penetrate tough old stains, especially if you’ve used: drying shampoos, detanglers or mineral oil.  However, once ahead of the stain, hair will be easy to keep clean with just the Lucky Braids All-In-One Shampoo.


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