Soless Premium Helmet Visor



At last, equestrians can enjoy the sport we all love and protect our skin from harmful UV rays with the Soless™ Visor.

The Soless ‘Premium’ Helmet Visor features full spectrum sun protection and 92% UV protection, and a lightweight design to ensure comfort and a ‘barely there’ feeling.

A clip securely fastens it to the front brim and an adjustable fastener at the back allows it to fit almost any size and brand of helmet (without messy glues and adhesives). The visor itself is transparent to ensure vision is not compromised.

Available in solid Black or with gold or silver piping around the outer edge.

* Transparent Helmet Visor
* Polycarbonate Film offers 92% UV Protection
* Securely Fastens to Helmet with an Adjustable Lock
* “No More Flyaway Clip” attaches to the Brim (detachable)