Helite Replacement 85cc Air Cannister Cartridges


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  • 85cc Fits Helite Zip’N 2 Adult XL-XXL

The CO2 cartridge can be easily and quickly replaced. The system can be reactivated by yourself within a few minutes without any special knowledge required. The size of the cartridge is proportional to the size of the airbag. One cartridge is always included with your airbag. We recommend to have one additional cartridge that you can quickly replace in case of fall.

You must always use a Helite branded cartridge for your Helite airbag system.

ATTENTION, some retailers offer CO2 gas cartridges at attractive prices.
You must not use these cartridges for various reasons:
– technical compatiblity problem (not the same gas volume, screw thread, etc.)
– lower quality compared to Helite cartridges (seal, corrosion, fragility, etc.)
– loss of the CE certification for the product
– proper functioning of the airbag system is not guaranteed.

We remind you that Helite cartridges come with a 10 year warranty and do not have an expiry date.
For safety reasons, we ask you to check your airbag on an annual basis:

Unscrew and weigh your CO2 cartridge on a scale. Please make sure it is approximately +/- 3g for 50CC and 60CC cartridges or +/- 5g for 100CC cartridges to the weight written on your cartridge (Helite sticker on the cartridge).

Please find below some precautions for your cartridges:

  • Use only Helite brand cartridges.
  • The cartridge is for single use only. You must replace the cartridge with the same type after each inflation.
  • If rust or other corrosive marks appear on the outer surface of the cartridge, change it immediately and contact us.
  • The cartridge should be stored and used in temperatures below 45°C. Do not expose the full cartridges for a long time to high temperatures (in direct sunlight, near a radiator, etc.).
  • The cartridge must be used at a temperature over 0°C. If stored under 0°C, warm up before use or replace it with a cartridge stored at room temperature.
  • Avoid shocks to the cartridge, this could damage it.
  • The used or damaged cartridge will have to be recycled or disposed in accordance with your country’s legislation.

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