Samshield W-Skin Winter Glove


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After much demand, Samshield has created winter riding gloves: the W-Skin which  provides a perfect ratio of warmness/hand to horse connection/fitting/elegance.

W-Skin gloves are made of 5 different high performance materials:
• 1st layer: Goatskin leather: provides the best ratio of comfort/durability/wind stopping/water resistance/elegance ;
• 2nd layer: Thinsulate®: breathable and moisture resistant synthetic microfiber which insulates by trapping cold outside air molecules ;
• 3rd layer: Micro polarfleece: as warm as wool but softer, lighter, and easier to wash. Hydrophobic for a better sweating control ;
• Palm: Strong Suede fabric base fingerprinted with real silicone: offers exceptional added grip, hand-to-horse connection, flexibility as well as ex treme durability ;
• Strong version of windproof mesh provides flexibility for a high end comfort and constant fitting.

W-Skin gloves have been tested by many Samshield sponsored riders for one year before being launched on the market. Just like them, you can now enjoy wearing this premium glove.

Available in Black Sizes 6.5-10.5 True to size fit.