Tory Leather Jod Garter Straps


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The Tory Leather Jod Garter are functional jod garters to have you looking your best, Worn below the knee to prevent jodhpurs from riding up.   Tory Leather products are made in the USA of fine bridle leather with high quality stainless steel hardware. 1″ wide tapering to 1/2″.

Overall lengths :Small (24″), Medium (28″) or Large (32″)

How to put on Jod Garter Straps:

Step 1: Place the buckle on the outside of the leg just under the knee.

Step 2: Thread the tail end of the strap through the slit that is farther away from the buckle from inside to outside.

Step 3: Pull strap snug around the leg, but not too snug that is uncomfortable.

Step 4: Buckle strap for desired snugness, and tuck end through the keeper. If there is excess leather, tuck the excess through the other slit for a tidier look.


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