ShadyKid Sun Scarf by ShadyLady



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Based off the popular ShadyLady model is one designed for Kids! Shady Lady Sun Protection products are made with Luminology Technology Fabric® This fabric is a high-performance, proprietary fabric that has been infused with a plant-based oil. This gives the scarves all the properties listed below:

* Built-in UPF 50, Blocks 98 % of UVA/UVB

* Nourishing, Plant Oil Infused Yarn

* Soft, Breathable and Lightweight

* Fade Resistant

* Naturally Antimicrobial

* Chemical Free

* Quick Drying

* Wrinkle Resistant

Product Details:

*Easy on/off snaps

* 9 x 16 (Fits on average age 4-11)

* Wash on Gentle / Hang dry

*Made in California