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Beris bits are continuously tested and approved by professional and pleasure riders. The main focus, apart from using state of the art materials, is protecting the extremely sensitive horse’s mouth. The mouth piece is created using only food-grade plastic and each metal piece of the bit is formed, welded and polished by hand. The Beris bits provide special tension control due to form and material which leads to better acceptance by the horse and therefore to a smoother communication between the horse and rider. Kombi The second rein acts with slight leverage on the lower jaw branches. This bit puts it’s pressure evenly on the lower jaw and is generally well accepted by horses. It allows a “letting go” of the jaw chain for a bigger range of motion. The pressure can be increase as needed. This bit is great for strong horses which push forward. Comfort Bar (Mullen Mouth) Characterized by a slight bow, this anatomically correct bit rests equally on the tongue and bars offering more room and mobility for the tongue. When pulled upon this bit will apply pressure evenly throughout the mouth eliminating any lateral squeezing of the tongue and bars. The Comfort Bar is ideal for young and sensitive horses as well as satisfying the needs of many different horses depending on the cheek piece. Available: 120mm, 130mm, or 140mm & Soft or Hard. Please allow 6-8 weeks for any non-stock items.


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