Flex-On Junior Safe-On Stirrups


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The Safe-on Junior stirrup is designed for tomorrow’s little champions ! The Safe-on Junior stirrup has the same characteristics as its big brother the SAFE-ON. Resized for children, it combines comfort, performance and safety. Max Weight 40Kg/88lb.

Made of the same lightweight material as the Flex-On Green Composite Iron, with a new flexible branch that releases your foot in the event of a fall.  Made in France.

Key Features

  • Shock absorbing elastomers designed to help alleviate joint fatigue
  • Constructed of environmentally friendly composite material
  • Inclined footbed to promote proper foot placement
  • “Ultra Grip” tread system offers superior traction in the stirrups
  • Flexible outer branch that releases with 40kg of force to prevent your foot from being caught in the stirrup during a fall
  • Max Weight 40Kg/88lb.
  • Can be Custom Ordered in different color combinations.