Sleazy Sleepwear Hood with Zipper


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Sleazy Sleepwear Black Hood

This lycra stretch hood is the original horse pajamas.  Featuring the“Seamless Face” design, the Sleazy hood eliminates any seams below the eyes for maximum safety. So versatile, this mane tamer can of course train the mane, but it also makes a wonderful liner to use under heavy winter blankets.  The perfect thing to have in your show or tack box the Sleazy hood is great to protect braids and keep your horses face and mane clean between classes while at a Show.  The Sleazy hood can also protect the horses hair from sun damage.

The features of the Sleazy Sleepwear Hoods are;
•Generously sized patterns.
•4-way stretch, premium, fabrics, Nylon or Polyester Spandex.
•Large eye holes and ear holes.
•Wide, adjustable, fleece lined, nose band.
•Fully separating high quality, reliable, Zipper option.
•All closures use a special, low profile, high strength, hook & loop fastener, for maximum strength, reliability, and ease of use.
•Fully finished hems with encased elastic for durability, and heavy duty, fully hemmed, girth elastic.

Sleazy Sleepwear White & Black Mesh

This mesh hood is made from power net mesh that breathes in warm climates.  Perfect to help protect from flies and insects and makes a great combo with our Sleazy fly sheet.  These hoods are also good for training the mane and smoothing the hair coat as well as protecting the shoulders from blanket or fly sheet rubs.  Power Net Stretch Hoods come in 7 sizes and have all the same great features as our stretch hoods.


XSmall: 300-500lbs

Small: 500-800lbs

Medium: 800-1100lbs

Large: 1100-1400lbs

XLarge: 1400-1600lbs


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