Sprenger Rubber Jointed Long Shank Pelham


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Rubber bits from Sprenger are made of soft but tough rubber that has a Stainless steel cable inside to reinforce the mouthpiece. Rubber generally has an “eraser-effect“. It is therefore important that horses are salivating and chewing well when using these bits. If the horse does not produce enough salivation the rubber bit will be uncomfortable. Different from pure metal bits there is the danger of the rubber being easily bitten through when the bit is not attached correctly and gets into contact with the teeth.

  • One size- 135mm
  • 18mm thick with 14cm shank, 7cm lower cheek
  • Single jointed made of soft but durable rubber
  • Enable precise and effective rein aids due to acting on tongue, poll and lower jaw
  • The leverage effect on the poll can be varied by different rein options
  • Often used in combination with bit converters or 2 reins
  • Curb chain should come into play at a maximum angle of 45 degrees to limit the poll pressure