Herm Sprenger Full Cheek Double Joint Bit



This bit lies quietly in the horse‘s mouth as the cheeks prevent the bit from being pulled through and therefore avoids inconvenient pressure on the back teeth. The mouthpiece remains in the correct central position of the tongue ensuring the rein aids work perfectly in the horse‘s mouth.

The cheeks are most helpful with turning aids especially with young horses. The gentle pressure against the face on the outside of the turn supports the rider‘s aid making turns much easier for the horse to understand and for the rider to carry out. The upper part of the cheeks are curved outwards away from the horse to avoid uncomfortable pressure on the jaws.

Bit size 115mm has a 14mm mouth, sizes 125-145mm have a 16mm mouth.


115mm = 4.5″

125mm = 5″

135mm = 5.25″

145mm = 5.5″


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