TRUST Sealtex Bit Bandage


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TRUST Sealtex Latex bit bandage is a must-have for anyone who wants to provide their horse with the utmost comfort. The bandage lends itself perfectly to softening and optimizing bit function.  The bandage does not absorb water, so it does not become heavier in use like some foam bandages and stays good for a long time.  The material also lends itself to wrapping jaw pieces and the side of the jaw pieces.  On average, the bandage stays good for a week after being used. This depends on the horse.

Special features

  • This bit bandage has high elasticity. When the bandage stretches, adhesion is created and it sticks to itself.
  • Use is permitted in show jumping, eventing and dressage.
  • As it is made of 100% latex, it is not harmful to the horse and does not give off any taste. No residue is left on the bit either.
  • This 100% latex bit bandage is self-adhesive, has a width of 4 cm and is 1 mm thinner than the old Sealtex. This makes it even easier to wrap the bit bandage.
  • One package contains 2 rolls of 60 cm. One roll is more than enough for one bit.


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