2 Ring Universal Poponcini Harmony


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Poponcini bits are innovative specialty bits, designed for horses with sensitive mouths. Creator Giuseppe Poponcini calls them a “A silk thread for your horses mouth”.

Hand made in Italy, the Poponcini Harmony line of bits are distinguished by having an extremely soft mouthpiece. At the core is a steel wire, and brass bushings at the ends for reinforcement. A plastic layer is cast around. Then a special non-toxic silicone layer is applied by hand. This assembly ensures optimum comfort for the horse’s mouth. The mouthpiece can be either Blue or Black.

Why use a Poponcini bit?

  • A horse with a sore mouth can not relax. Ordinary mouthpieces can have this effect.
  • With the soft Poponcini Harmony mouthpieces, a horse will be able to relax while working
  • Due to the shape of the mouthpiece, a horse will be able to close their mouth easily, so they will be much calmer with their head and tongue.


Poponcini advises to buy a very precise size of this kind of mouthpieces (washers have to be set in a grazing position as compared to the horse’s mouth) because, due to the wide flexibility of this product, in case one would buy a too large size, the bit would undergo a bigger bending process when the horse would be called back, and this would increase the possibility that the horse could catch the mouthpiece with its teeth and chew it.

NOTE: Due to the soft nature of these materials, all sales are final and no Warranty is offered.


125mm = 5″

135mm = 5.25″